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Fuck you, I have enough friends

(fick mich, I have enough t-shirts)

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Sick of rating and camwhore communities where sixteen year old girls pose with mummy's digital camera in the mirror, modelling yesterday's coolest clothes?

Secretly want to pose like them too, but wouldn't be seen dead with hot_fashion on your friends list? Want to show us some obscure costume or weird person you saw on the street?

Then pisstake_pose is the place for you.

Join, pose and post - we won't rate you. We won't laugh at you. Hell, we probably won't even like you. But still, it's a place for us all to channel our inner camwhore/teeny bopper/angsty emo from the privacy of our own bathrooms/kitchens/cupboard under the stairs.

We've got rules around here

1. No flaming, please. Seriously, we don't want to hear your bitching about another member because it's not cool, logo.

2. Place pictures under a cut for prevention of annoyance.

3. If you're going to promote a community at least post a picture of yourself as well! Because honestly, you have to work to reap rewards in this world.

4. Trucker caps aren't cool. Really.

5. The community is called PISS-TAKE_pose. A sense of humour is needed, even required. Please don't jam our mailboxes with "OMG UR FUKIN' SLAGS!!1111 Dashboard Confessional is soooo teh R0x0r!!!el;evencheese&!@&@*(!!!!" We will bin it quicker than you can say "Matt Damon wears Amanda's underwear".

Your shiny moderators are quantesque and dienacht.

The real r0x0rz

Viel spass, etc, etc.